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Private Session
Hannah was fast asleep, lying contorted on her bed. She always shifted herself into a crumpled mess during the night. Her therapist, Doctor Brown, said it was a symptom of her disturbed mentality. She could hear a loud thumping coming from her door, but she simply incorporated it into her dream instead of waking up.

Finally, her door burst open and her mother trotted in, purse in hand, already dressed to go out for the day. “Get up, Hannah.” She nudged her daughter until she rolled off the far side of the bed. Hannah stood up groggily and swept her long tangled blonde hair out of her face. “Get dressed,” her mother ordered her.

“Where are we going?”

“To Doctor Brown’s,” she answered.

“What? No, I told you I wasn’t going back there.”

“Do you know how much I pay for those therapy sessions of yours?” her mother asked angrily.

“Something between nothing and free,” Hannah answered. Her father was the one who paid whatever their insurance did not.

“You’ve got such a smart mouth. I always thought mental people were stupid.”

“I'm not retarded, Mom. I just have trauma to work through. Most of it is your fault.”

“If that were true, you’d have trouble saying it to my face. Now get dressed.” She eyed Hannah up and down. She was wearing a grey pajama top of which only had one button done at the moment. Even if she ever wore the bottoms she would find a way out of them throughout the night.

Hannah smirked as she lifted the covers, intending to go straight back to bed. Her mother could not drag her to therapy if she was not properly dressed.

Her mother quickly proved her wrong though. She grabbed a fist full of her messy hair and pulled just hard enough to make Hannah follow her. “You’re more mental than I am!” Hannah shouted as she was dragged down the stairs and out the front door. Her mother pushed her into the back of the car and used the child lock feature so Hannah could not open the door before she got to the driver’s seat.

Hannah crawled over the back seat like a snake and landed in the passenger seat next to her mother. “Fine, I’ll go, but can I at least get dressed,” she pleaded.

“If I turn around and let you out, you’ll run as soon as the door is open,” her mother did not trust her.

“You’d understand if you had to talk to that hack doctor. He is such a fraud. He says I need to talk through my problems. Talking doesn’t solve anything.”

“Why are you telling me as if I'm the one who wants you to go there? You’re the one who had to be mental.”

“I'm not mental!” Hannah was getting more and more annoyed. She did not even realize that they had already arrived in Doctor Brown’s neighborhood. He was the kind of therapist that worked out of his own home. He had a large house with an entire wing to use as his office for sessions.

“Alright, have a good time and have Doctor Brown call me when you’re done with your session,” her mother instructed her as they pulled to a stop in front of the massive white building. Hannah just gripped the hem of her pajama top. “It’s too late to be embarrassed now.” Her mother pushed her out of the car and drove off before Hannah could react.

Doctor Brown was sitting at his office desk, reading his calendar of appointments when the phone rang. “Mrs. Dirks,” he recognized the number.

“I go by my maiden name now,” she informed him. “I’ve left Hannah outside for her session but I'm not sure she’ll knock so I'm letting you know.”

“I'm sorry, Mrs. Dirks, but as I told you before when Hannah stormed out of her last session, I cannot continue to see her if she refuses. Therapy is meant to be about helping her overcome her problems but forcing her to come when she does not want to will have the exact opposite effect.”

“I paid for a session today, and you are going to see her.”

“Please wait for Hannah to come back on her own. If she does not, then I will refund you for the session. If she does, the next session is already covered. I’ve already booked someone else for today though, so I can’t see Hannah right now.”

“It’s too late. She’s at the door, and I'm long gone.”

“Mrs. Dirks, please come back. You daughter has a lot of trauma and you are the source of a lot of it with your behavior. This is only going to make her condition worse.”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to let her in, but I wonder what your neighbor’s will think of a girl sitting on your front porch in her underwear.” Mrs. Dirks laughed as she hung up the phone. She was the type of person to get things done in her own way and Doctor Brown was right that half of Hannah’s trauma’s stemmed from her.

Doctor Brown dropped his phone and ran to the door as fast as he could. Hannah was standing there with red cheeks hopping from one foot to the other in utter embarrassment, still holding the hem of her shirt. He could not see if she really was wearing underwear underneath but he hoped she was. “Come inside before someone sees you,” he hissed.

“I'm sorry,” she whined. “I didn’t want to come so she didn’t even let me get dressed.”

“I know. Your mother is an eccentric person. We’ve talked about this before.”

Hannah suddenly glared at him. “Just because I'm here doesn’t mean you get to psycho analyze me. I'm not going to participate in a session.”

“I don’t have time to see you anyway. I have another patient already lined up for today…” Doctor Brown trailed off as he noticed tears welling up in Hannah’s eyes.

“You already replaced me?” she began to cry.

Doctor Brown wanted to kick himself. Hannah was very sensitive and her mother’s stunt would have definitely put her on edge today. He should’ve been more careful with his words. Hannah may have been the one to storm out of their last session, but he was the doctor and she was the patient. He had to let her be as unreasonable as she wanted if he was going to get through to her. No matter how much she loathed therapy, of course she would feel unwanted if he replaced her sessions that quickly.

He reached out and patted the side of her head as she cried softly. Before he could say anything though, the doorbell rang. His morning appointment had arrived. “Go through that door to get to the main house,” he instructed her while pointing to a door she had never been allowed to enter before. “Try to find something to wear, even if it doesn’t fit. This is just a meeting with the patient and his guardian so it will not be as long as a full session. Just wait for me to finish.” He left the office to answer the door.

A portly woman and her young son were standing on the front porch when he opened the door. “This place is huge!” the boy shouted.

“Shut up, Terrance, you’re an embarrassment,” his mother scolded him. He stuck out his tongue at her before turning to wave at the doctor.

Doctor Brown already had a good impression of this patient from his mother over the phone. He was a normal playful child and she thought he was not maturing quickly enough. She wanted him to be obedient and sit still and she thought therapy was the answer. Doctor Brown hoped he could convince her otherwise through this first visit.

“Come to my office, won’t you?” he moved aside to allow them both to enter. In anticipation of their visit, he had rearranged some chairs so they could seat themselves opposite from him at the desk. The mother sat down calmly but the boy was more interested in the room and the objects on the walls.

“Terrance, sit down this instant!” his mother shouted.

“It’s alright,” Doctor Brown assured her. “I'm glad he finds my tastes interesting. I need to talk to you for a bit first anyway.” She rolled her eyes but conceded.

Over the next half hour, Doctor Brown tried to sound as convincing as possible as he attempted to change the mother’s mind about her son needing therapy. He was just a normal boy and would mature on his own and no articles the mother presented about how smart other kids were at his age were too difficult for a trained psychologist to argue against.

Just when Doctor Brown thought he was getting through to the woman, she changed tactics entirely. Instead of trying to convince him to take her son on as a patient, she started speaking to the boy as if it was already a done deal. “Come here, Terrance. I want you to meet the man who will be looking after you twice a week from now on.”

Doctor Brown was obviously furious and it showed on his face. “How unprofessional,” the mother muttered under her breath. Terrance did come at his mother’s call but did not sit down. Instead he began to open all of the drawers on the doctor’s desk. His mother expected Doctor Brown to tell him off but when he did not, she did it herself. “Terrance, sit down this instant or you’re not getting any supper tonight!” she bellowed.

Terrance took a fleeting glance at the underside of the desk before circling around to join his mother. Even though he was obviously scared of his mother’s threat, he did not look at her as she continued to scold him. He just stared downward at the doctor’s feet. Eventually Doctor Brown became too curious and looked down as well. He nearly leapt back in shock but somehow managed to suppress his reaction to just widening his eyes for a moment.

There beneath his desk, practically between his knees was Hannah, still in just her pajama top. “Are you listening to me?” he had not realized that the mother was speaking to him instead of her son anymore.

“Sorry, what?” he asked while looking up.

“What’s wrong with you?” the woman asked. He tried to think of what to say but ended up just blushing as he imagined the girl between his knees. “Are you going to start seeing my son as a patient or not!” the woman was getting impatient.

Before he could answer, his attention was drawn back down by a tingling feeling on his inner thigh. Having noticed him blushing, Hannah had decided to tease him a little with her presence. He quickly swatted her hand away before giving the mother a curt reply. “I thought I made it clear that I wasn’t,” he sputtered. https://notes.io/DJii If he was not mistaken, he heard Hannah snickering beneath the desk.

The mother looked flabbergasted. She had hyped her son’s expectations up in hopes that Doctor Brown would be unwilling to make her a liar in front of him. Unfortunately for her, in this business, he had become accustomed to telling people no when they needed to hear it. Furthermore, he was far too focused on the other person in the room to worry about her feelings at all.

In fact, Hannah had not given up on trying to mess with him. She brought her face as close to his crotch as possible and was blowing on it, making it tingle even more. With one finger he pushed on her forehead to move her back but she kept doing it again. When his whole palm was not enough to keep her back he grabbed a fistful of her hair and held her back forcefully.

“I'm going to go bald at this rate,” Hannah muttered to herself. Suddenly realizing what he had done, Doctor Brown began to rub her scalp in a poor attempt to ease the pain he had caused her. She seemed easily appeased, closing her eyes and rolling her head like a cat trying to get petted. Doctor Brown took the opportunity to focus on the mother and child again.

Terrance seemed to understand that they were done and made for the door without question. The doctor tried not to laugh as he wondered if the poor boy was a little desperate to get away from his overbearing mother as well. Below the desk, the sound of snickering let him know that Hannah shared his thoughts on the matter.

Finally the portly woman found her voice though. “It’s not like you’re the only child therapist in town. I’ll just find someone who agrees with me.”

Doctor Brown felt bad for young Terrance but the matter was out of his hands now. He could only walk the pair out of his office and to the front door. As soon as it was shut behind them, he strutted back to the office with a spring in his step, prepared to scold Hannah for nearly getting him in trouble in possibly multiple ways.

However, when he reached his desk he found her curled up with her eyes closed. He assumed she was faking being asleep as she had been laughing at him a moment ago but to his surprise she did not wake up when he shook her by the shoulder.

She was wearing her pajamas so he believed her when she said her mother had dragged her here straight from her bed. A mixture of lack of sleep and stress from the whole situation had probably exhausted her. He was no longer surprised she had failed to follow his instructions and leave through the back door of his office.

After waiting for a while and contemplating whether or not he should even touch her, he reluctantly scooped her up in his arms and carried her through the door into his actual home; a privilege none of his other patients had yet to experience.


When Hannah awoke naturally for the day it was easy for her to assume the previous rude awakening where she was dragged from her home and driven to her therapist’s house was a dream. One look around the fancy bedroom she was sleeping in proved it was not though. “Nice place,” she said the first thing that came to mind.

“One of the perks of being a doctor,” Doctor Brown responded from the corner of the room, where he was seated in an armchair and reading a book.

“Have you been watching me sleep?” Hannah pulled the sheets up to cover herself. After some thought she dropped them though. Having moved her here he had obvious seen everything already.

“I had a few other patients to see, but once my day was over, I couldn’t decide whether to wake you or not. It’s not like I have a way to get you home even if you did wake up so I let you sleep.”

“Thank you. I’ve been really tired all the time recently.”

“It’s to be expected. You’ve been under a lot of stress recently. Your mother doesn’t really understand that in her attempts to fast track your rehabilitation she is only making it harder on you.”

“When I stopped going to school I thought things would get easier but now I'm worried my classmates are passing me by. And I have to spend every day with that woman. I just want to get out of the house. I was glad for our sessions but… all you want to do is talk about my problems. Even now you’ve got me rambling. You psycho analysts are so sneaky.”

The doctor could not help but snicker. “You just started talking on your own. It’s only natural. What else are you supposed to do here?”

“Stop it. Stop agreeing with me. I don’t like being treated like I'm fragile. I'm not an idiot. I just… I don’t know why I'm like this. The incident wasn’t even that bad. I thought it wouldn’t bother me. It started with bad dreams and then waking up in the middle of the night. Pretty soon I couldn’t think of anything else. You think you’re stronger than this but suddenly you can’t do anything at all.”

Doctor Brown has no idea what to say. If he tried to be understanding, she would simply get mad at him again. Instead, he just crossed the room and reached out his hand. Hannah let him pat her on the head for a while but eventually got embarrassed and pushed his hand away. “I'm not a dog,” she tried to be upset with him but it is obvious she was not really.

Confident that she had calmed down enough, the doctor suggested the obvious. “I can drive you home.”

“I can’t go outside like this,” she threw off the covers and knelt on the bed facing him. His eyes darted downward instinctively for a moment before he focused them on her face again. He had just enough time to confirm she was in fact wearing panties under her shirt and that she had quite the thigh gap; not surprising for a young fit teenager.

“I’ll loan you some of my clothes,” he offered. She looked more annoyed than grateful but still nodded. As this was the guest room, there were no clothes here and she had to follow him to his own bedroom.

His slacks were obviously too big for her so she instead chose some yachting shorts. They did not match her pajama top so she also took one of his dress shirts. She did not wait for him to leave the room and simply turned her back to him as she discarded her top for his. He was too surprised and entranced by her bare back to even bother looking away.

“How do I look?” she asked with a smile when she spun around. She had rolled up the sleeves and stuffed the hem into the shorts but it was obviously baggy on her. It was not transparent enough for him to see through it but he could tell she did not have a bra on. His face turned red as he sputtered over his words, trying to tell her she looked fine or pretty or something.

She became embarrassed as well and averted her eyes while holding her hands behind her back shyly. Doctor Brown took his time examining her long slightly curled hair. She had done her best with one of his combs but it was still messier than he had ever seen it during any of their sessions.

“We should get going,” the doctor finally found his voice.

Hannah looked panicked as she tried to think of an excuse not to go home. “Won’t Mom find it suspicious if I go home in your clothes?” she sputtered.

“Your mom is the one who left you here in your underwear,” he reminded her.

She blushed again. “Can’t you call it sleepwear?” she muttered.

“Do you usually sleep without pants on?” he asked. “Wait, don’t answer that.” He quickly realized how inappropriate his question was. He was more startled by the sight of her pushing her fingers together as she contemplated answering him. Despite the games she was playing under his desk, she was far more innocent than he had realized.

“Can’t I just stay here for another hour or so?” she pleaded when the awkwardness of his question had passed.

“You’ll have to go home eventually,” he assured her, “whether it’s now or in an hour. It’s already long past when your session should’ve ended. Your mother should be getting worried.”

“I just need to compose myself a little more,” Hannah explained. “When I get back she is going to ask me about my progress and scold me if I didn’t make any at all. If I can clear my head, I can pretend to be normal for long enough for her to leave me alone in my room.”

“Pretending everything was normal was what you tried to do right after the incident and look where you ended up,” the doctor reminded her.

“I know, but that was because I was alone. This time I have you.”

“Excuse me?” Doctor Brown was under the impression that she hated him and his sessions.

She took his hand and placed it on her head again. “If I think of you and us like this and look forward to the next time I can get out of that house, I’ll be fine for a little while.”

Instinctively he began to pet her head again. “That’s not how to solve your problems. You’re just surviving from one moment to the next.”

“You told me that was fine to start with,” she reminded him. “Any progress at all is good progress. I’ve been making progress. It’s just not fast enough for my mom. I need to pretend everything is okay for her sake before I can actually make things okay.”

Doctor Brown could not help but smile. Apparently she had been paying more attention during their sessions than he thought. As a reward he began to pet her more sincerely. She rolled her head around like a cat again, nuzzling against his hand. “Do what you did before,” she asked him.

He rubbed the roots of her hair and her scalp again. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly while letting her head roll around on her shoulders. He was slightly concerned but also entranced. He wanted to see her react even more. It was an odd sight to see her whole body loosening up while she was still standing in the middle of the room. At any moment she looked like she might fall over but she did not.

After a while she bit her lip and began to vibrate, moaning louder and louder. Doctor Brown was not sure if she was really getting off on him touching her head but she definitely looked like she was and he could not pretend he did not like the sight of it. A young girl wearing his baggy clothes practically cumming while standing in his bedroom.

Suddenly, her whole body jolted and she grabbed her crotch while falling to the floor. She looked up at him with a slightly dazed expression but one of obvious satisfaction. He crouched down in front of her and ran his thumb over her glossy lips. He was definitely thinking of kissing her. Realizing this, she licked his thumb and began to suck on the tip, teasing and daring him.

He was cautious though. Just because she seemed to be consenting, did not mean she would not recant and get him in trouble. He had to be sure she was actually interested in him and not just fooling around. Hannah giggled when he used his other hand to unbutton her dress shirt. As she had no bra his fingertips were brushing against her bare breasts.

The fact that Doctor Brown assumed she hated him until a few moments ago only made him more confused. He prodded her nipples until they got hard, making her moan and grin at him. Suddenly, as if what they were doing finally clicked in her mind, Hannah’s eyes widened and she tried to rear back.

With his thumb still in her mouth, he pinched her cheek so she could not move away. “Remember, you were the one who said you didn’t want to go home, right? If we do this you don’t have to.”

Hannah’s mouth hung open in shock. She did not expect to hear her therapist propositioning her. Luckily for him, she was not stupid. He was not a predator; he was just a guy with regular attractions and she had been a little too friendly to him. Furthermore, she was the one who did not want to be alone. She pretty much asked for this.

Doctor Brown sighed with relief when Hannah’s alarmed expression calmed down. He really felt like rewarding her for being so smart but the only thing he knew to do was pet her. She seemed to like it though. Maybe she was lacking physical contact in her life. All he had to do was show her a little bit of affection and she would rely on him for anything.

To test her new found trust in him, he put his hand into the hem of her shorts and panties. She gasped as she felt his fingers sliding through her pubic hair until they touched cunt. She was still sensitive from earlier and did not know how to respond. She knew he wanted her to feel something and probably to moan but that was not the sound she felt like making. However, she obliged him, feeling it was her job to make him feel good about how he was touching her.

He was definitely happy when she started moaning excessively. He looked a lot younger than she thought he was when he started grinning. In truth he was only midway through his twenties. He had held his practice for about three years and had started it right after college. He was a definitely the product of well off parents.

He had dark sleek hair that was usually well combed during his sessions but had become a little messy over the course of the day. He wore black rimmed glasses that suited his face and did not distract from his distinguishing features. Altogether he was no less handsome than the best looking boys in her class.

Though her thighs were far apart, her actual cunt was quite small and extremely tight. He could cover her crotch with three fingers but it was hard to even get one inside. Her whole body quivered when he finally forced his way in. He was proud of himself and looked at her face expecting to see satisfaction only to notice the tears in her eyes. She gasped again when he suddenly pulled his hands out of her clothes and away from her face. He was like a retreating animal, worried he had hurt her.

She did not want him to think that way. Reacting quickly, she pushed on his chest and made him sit down on the edge of his bed. She then climbed up onto his lap, stopping with her crotch right above his. She gyrated her hips until the bulge in his pants started to grow. He was confident she had never done this before but she still looked like his own personal stripper and he could not hide his excitement.

She kept pushing the crotch of her shorts against his bulge and moaning intentionally. She was trying not to overdue it like the girls who get paid to scream in pornos. She wanted to make him confident, not patronize him or make herself look like a slut.

He did not seem suspicious that she could not be getting off on just their crotches touching; after all, it was stimulating him just fine. Eventually she had to grab his hand and put it back on her waist to encourage him to do a little more work.

He played with her a little, moving her hips around on top of him and patting her round butt. Despite the fact that she was still developing, her hips were definitely shapely. Another nudge from her and he finally put his hands back in her shorts. She made sure to gasp and moan perfectly when his fingers touched her cunt. She slid forward, running her moist cunt over his hand. Her eyelids fluttered as a tingling sensation traveled up through her body. She did not even have to exaggerate for once; he could tell she was feeling it.

Motivated, he pushed further inside, causing her to grit her teeth and cling onto him to endure the pain. She ran her fingers through his hair and then pulled his head toward hers, smashing their lips together. She plunged her tongue into his mouth and swirled it around, making him dizzy. She was trying her best not to focus on the pain in her cunt at all.

When he ran out of breath, he pushed his thumb into her mouth again and pulled on her cheek to make her stop. She finally pulled back and stared at him like a hooked fish, nibbling on his thumb playfully. He had no idea why he found everything she did adorable.

Having gone through college surrounded by dozens of girls, he knew his own preferences. To him, women were either sexy and in control, maintaining a mature appearance even when having sex, or they became disheveled and cute when they lost control. He found the first kind a little boring actually. They acted like any man should be grateful to sleep with them and owed them a favor afterward.

Doctor Liam Brown much more preferred the latter kind. Luckily Hannah was turning out to be just his type. As if to praise her, he moved his hand from her mouth to her had and rubbed her scalp again. Caught off guard she mewled and shook as the sensation spread down to her shoulders. When it reached her waist, she jerked her lower half, causing his fingers to pull against the inside of her cunt. Suddenly she was cumming again.

Liam watched her whole body vibrating as she lost control, flopping around and eventually holding her arms to her chest to minimalize her movement so she would not fall off his lap. Her flushed cheeks and fluttering hair looked amazing to him. She was cumming for the second time just from having her head touched. He definitely knew what her trigger was now.

While still shaking, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders to stabilize herself. She kept gyrating her hips and pulling on her cunt while also rubbing her crotch against his bulge. She pulled his face to her chest and held it there. As her shirt was still unbuttoned, he was touching her breasts directly.

Only when her orgasm subsided did she feel the hard rim of his glasses pressing into her. Without asking, she took them off and set them on the nightstand. He did not complain as he did not need them to see things up close. All he wanted to look at during that moment was her after all.

He just kept staring at her messy golden curls and her open dress shirt. She was like a naughty secretary, or a least a naughty student council member. She had gotten used to being on top so when he lifted her while standing up and then slammed her down on the bed underneath himself she was shocked. Her loose fitting shorts fell off way too easily when he tugged on them, leaving her in just her panties again. Liam snickered as he wondered why he even made her get dressed in the first place.

He was mesmerized by her thigh gap. If she sat on his lap, his cock could probably stick straight up without touching her at all. She tried to hide the fear and surprise on her face by biting her lip suggestively. He was sure she wanted him to touch her. He put three of his fingers against the outside of her panties and pushed them up into her, making her gasp. Just because his fingers fit snuggling between her thighs did not mean they fit in her tight cunt as well, especially along with the cloth of her panties.

She winced when she felt him stroking the walls of her cunt. When a shock went through her body, she arched her back, making it seem like he was lifting her off the bed by her cunt. When she relaxed, her weight tugged on his fingers and rubbed her insides more. She began to buck her hips as her panties became soaked from her cumming a third time

Liam was not sure if her body was just sensitive or if she was used to this sort of thing. Suddenly worried that this naïve girl who would cling onto even her hated therapist might have been taken advantage of, he was gripped with the desire to find out for himself. Hannah sighed with relieve when his fingers left her stretched cunt and was even more relieved when he pulled her panties out with them.

She only became suspicious when he continued to pull them down to her knees and then she heard the zipper of his dress pants. She somewhat expected it but he had been taking his time and she was still caught off guard. His cock was fully erect when she saw it below her stomach. He was turned on by everything about her after all.

She was wet enough for the tip to slide right inside. It was less rough than the cloth of her panties. She closed her eyes and tried to feel it as it traveled further and further up inside her. She was a little surprised that it could reach further than his fingers. When it reached her hymen, she threw her head back and arched her back again. It hurt a lot more than she thought it would.

He did not stop though, and grabbed her waist in order to pull her downward against his hips. With one hard thrust, he had taken her virginity. Tears leaked out of the corners of her closed eyes and she kept her head turned away. She could do nothing but endure and wait for the pain to subside.

Liam was relieved his fears were not founded. Despite being a needy and clingy unstable girl, she had not thrown herself at some scoundrel who would take advantage of her. Pleased with himself, he gripped her waist and pulled her up on the bed so that he could pull her right back down. He was already inside her so he may as well enjoy himself after all.

She squeaked each time the tip of his cock touched her torn hymen but otherwise did not resist. She left all movement to him. Though he was still harder and bigger than usual due to his excitement over this perfect girl, he was distracted to the point of not getting off easily. No matter how many times he thrust inside her, he did not cum.

After several minutes, she got sick of waiting for him to either go faster or stop. She used her abdomen muscles to pull herself up and then grabbed him by the shoulders. She scooted close to him until he had to sit on the bed and she was able to seat herself in his lap.

She felt like a snake was moving inside her the entire time she was repositioning herself. It made her a little giddy with excitement to know it was another human being. They were connected at the most sensitive point of their bodies. One could not move without the other feeling it.

Liam seemed perfectly pleased with the situation; a young blonde teenager sitting in his lap with her tiny waist in his hands. He bucked his hips to push into her but also lifted her at the same time so that when he lowered his hips again, he would slide out of her. Then he could drop her back down and start all over again.

She grimaced each time but had a twitching smile on her lips. She thought he was being a child, trying to elicit a reaction from her. He leaned back and enjoyed the sight of her smooth pale body bouncing on top of him. If they were outside and wearing more clothes, he doubted anyone watching could tell what they were doing. Shameless teenagers showed off by sitting on their boyfriend’s laps all the time. She looked so innocent and shy bouncing on his lap it was hard to believe she was being impaled on his cock at that very moment.

Liam even decided that as soon as they were done today, he would love to go out and buy her a toy and make her keep it inside her cunt. That way whenever he looked at sweet innocent Hannah, he would know she was hiding something and no one else would.

That thought snapped him back to his senses though. What right did he have to make her do anything of the sort? They were just doing this today on a whim. As soon as she went home, their relationship would go back to normal, if they even had a relationship left. If it were this easy for him to take advantage of her, she would probably let the next guy she met do the same thing. Suddenly Liam was worried for her. He had totally glossed over the important fact that he was actually taking advantage of a teenager.

Instead, a different though had possessed him; if this was going to be their only time together, he would make sure she enjoyed it. She gasped when he pinched her clit. She was about to ask what he was doing but he grabbed her tongue with his other hand the moment she opened her mouth. She tried to speak but ended up moaning as he twisted her clit while bucking his hips faster to make up for his hands no longer being on her waist to lift her. Drool ran out of the corners of her mouth and down onto her breasts.

She could not move too much or she would hurt her tongue and clit. She felt like she was being hugged tightly in his lap, with the added bonus of being stabbed in the cunt. She did not hate it though. She felt like he cared about her, or at least her body. She would willingly let him fuck her as much as he wanted if he just held her this tightly for the rest of the time. “Don’t let go,” she managed to say one thing despite her tongue being held captive.

His eyes widened when he heard her. He quickly replaced his fingers in her mouth with his lips and kissed her while leaning forward until her back hit the bed again. She felt a hard thumping as his hips collided with hers harder than they could when they were upright. She felt like she was being hugged even more, and also being stabbed even more. He would not give her one without the other. However, for the moment at least, she did not care. She wrapped her legs around him and held him close as well.

Finally, after longer than he had ever lasted before, he came inside her, filling her cunt with his warm semen. She had not known what to expect, as watching porn had not prepared her for what cum would actually feel like. She thought for a moment he was peeing inside her. She was not sure if she should be angry at him or not. She knew it was bad to let a man cum inside her for fear of getting pregnant but she was not thinking of this as normal sex. This was her seeking comfort from him and letting him do as he pleased in exchange. She could just get a pill later if she regretted it.

After laying underneath him for a while, playing with his hair. Hannah finally rolled off the side of the bed and stood up. When Liam looked at her he was surprised by how happy she seemed. Spinning around so her shirt fluffed out, she showed off her whole body to him, including his own cum running down her thighs. “How do I look? Like a slut?” she asked jokingly.

He shook his head. She certainly looked disheveled with her messy hair and slightly red face and drool coated breasts, but she looked more innocent than all of the girls he had met in college. She still looked perfect to him. He could probably fuck her a dozen more times and she would still look like a clueless virgin to him.

After letting him stare at her for a long time, Hannah finally had enough. He was supposed to be older than her but he looked like a kid at a candy shop, ogling her body like it was made of chocolate. She crossed her arms and her legs, which only emphasized the gap he was so obsessed with. “I need to clean up. Where is your shower,” she asked curtly.

“I’ll lead the way.” He scooped her up in his arms. She tried to struggle but not very hard. She knew if she let him take her to the shower they would go in together and he had already proven he had none of the restraint an adult should show with a teenager. She was the one who wanted to stop being his patient and he was not going to let her forget that. Still, she did not mind. This strange relationship of theirs could last a little longer, if that meant she did not have to go home and be alone again.

After setting her down in the bathroom, Liam slowly removed her open shirt, leaving her completely naked. He ran his hands down her bare back, making her gasp and shiver. Despite what they just did, she still felt more embarrassed now than before. Though he was being gentler than before, she was still caught off guard by how easily he was touching her body. Being naked in his home was basically an invitation but she still wondered if there was any man that would control themselves and not treat a girl’s body like their property the moment they laid eyes on it.

She had been a patient of his for a while, and they had spent many hours alone in his office. The only difference between then and now was a thin layer of clothing. If she had unbuttoned her shirt any of those times before, would he have thrown caution to the wind and pushed her down? Though the prospect bothered her, the fact that they had already had sex made her less adverse to the idea. She would have definitely freaked out if he had pushed her down any time before today, but now she kinda wished he had tried.

“Do you do this with all of your patients?” she tried to tease him.

He turned on the water in the bathtub before answering. She only just realized how large it was compared to the one in her house. There was more than enough room for the two of them. “While I will admit I have a few different attractive patients whom I would not say no to if they propositioned me before or after we were no longer doctor and patient, I refuse to get involved with someone who I am seeing professionally,” he explained. He teasingly reminded her she did not fall into that category anymore by cupping both her breasts and massaging them softly.

Although her breasts were a little softer than the rest of her skin, apart from her nipples, they were not much more sensitive. Hannah was unsure if he just enjoyed touching them or if he thought she enjoyed it. To humor him, she let out a few soft moans and relaxed in his arms, closing her eyes and leaning against him.

He enjoyed her reactions for a while, nuzzling his face against her head and kissing her nape while fiddling with her nipples like buttons. She gasped for real this time. He really did think he had the right to touch any part of her body. To him her nipples were just for sexual stimulation. They served no other purpose on her body. She was simultaneously annoyed and amused by his thought process. He was like a child and that made his antics funny rather than deplorable.

Liam ran his thumbs over Hannah’s back and his fingers over her stomach as he slid his hands down to her waist, pausing to mess with her back dimples for a moment. He gripped her waist tightly and lifted her over the side of the tub and set her in the water which was already getting quite deep. Hannah was caught off guard again, but simply giggled in response. She liked it when he manhandled her. She was sure that women had small waists just so their men could pick them up with ease; or more likely hold onto them as they fucked them from behind.

After he stripped off all of his clothes and stepped into the tub behind her, she half expected him to just bend her over right then and there. Instead, he ran his hands up her thighs and felt where his cum clung to her. With help from the water, he washed most of it away. She blushed as she wondered how slutty she had looked to him all this time, walking around branded with his cum like she was proud or something.

She got even more embarrassed when she realized he was not done with just the outside of her cunt. He took the extendable shower head and pressed it to her crotch so that most of the water was going up inside her. The rest of it drummed against the outside of her cunt and of course her clit, making her wince.

She tried to pry his hands away from her crotch but he was stronger and simply ignored her attempts. He pushed his index fingers inside and pulled her cunt apart until he was able to fit the whole showerhead up inside of her. She sighed when her clit was no longer being pelted by water, but the result was not much more comfortable. The showerhead was much wider than his cock or his fingers and it was the only third thing she had ever had inside her cunt. She crossed her eyes as she tried to adjust to the hard plastic stretching her insides.

The water was spraying against one wall of her cunt at first and she was able to endure the feeling, but Liam eventually twisted the head around inside her, trying to wash out all of his cum. When the water sprayed against her g-spot, she screamed and began to thrash. With one arm around her waist, his palm over her cunt and two fingers curved up inside her, and the other hand on the showerhead, he pulled it out and pushed it back in repeatedly, effectively fucking her with the wide plastic object and spraying her g-spot over and over again.

Her tongue was hanging out as she panted and sputtered, spraying saliva that went unnoticed in the water filled bathtub. She kept flailing until she exhausted herself and went limp in his arms. He could not support her whole weight on the two fingers in her cunt and had to lower her to the tub floor, sitting down in the process.

She rested against his chest still panting as he continued to push the showerhead into her. His cock was pressed against her back and was bending slightly as it was completely hard. He was turned on just by watching her naked body moving, even if she was just flailing and thrashing. He chuckled to himself as he confirmed how much he really did like Hannah.

He would give her free sessions for life if she would just show up and strip before lying on his couch naked while they just talked. Of course, he would not leave it at just talking after such a display but he still wanted to see if he could convince her to role play as a naughty naïve patient one day. He would tell her all patients had to be naked during sessions and she would pretend to believe him. They would talk about her problems while he massaged every part of her and told her it was all part of the session.

With all of his fantasizing, his cock only grew harder. He really wanted to put it inside of Hannah. However, with her cunt stuffed with the showerhead, there was no way it would fit. He contemplated pulling it out but whenever he looked at her crossed eyes, he did not want to. He wanted her to keep that expression for as long as possible.

There was only one alternative; he had to put his cock inside a different hole in her body. Thinking back to her kneeling under his desk, he really wanted to try out her small cute mouth; however, right now she was sitting practically in his lap and his cock was resting atop her butt. A blowjob could wait. He needed to at least try what was right in front of him first.

Hannah moaned but otherwise did not react when he first pulled the cheeks of her ass apart. The showerhead in her cunt was taking most of her attention. She only really reacted when he pushed his thumb past the opening of her asshole. Water from the bath rushed into the orifice alongside his finger, sending a chilling feeling up her bowels and into her stomach. She grabbed at her belly and leaned forward as if she had a sudden stomach ache. She tried to expel the water in her butt but his finger was plugging the opening.

Due to the embarrassment of walking around wearing his cum like a badge, she had let him do whatever he wanted to wash her insides, but now she was starting to get annoyed with his control over her. He was not stopping at just her cunt. He was getting too full of himself.

She leaned even further forward, trying to pull his thumb out of her butt. He would not be deterred though. He held the shower head steady so she had to push it further inside her cunt when she leaned forward. After going as far as she could, she had to stop and lean back. When she did, his thumb went all the way back into her butt, making her gulp as her stomach felt sick again.

This gave Liam an idea. He pulled his thumb out of her butt and placed his hand on her back so he could push her to lean forward again. She let him until the showerhead in her cunt was too far inside her for her to stand and she leaned back. With his thumb no longer in her butt she sighed with relief at the feeling of the shower head gliding out of her stretched cunt and letting it return to normal.

Suddenly she felt her butt spreading as she leaned back against something hard. She had no time to react as the water in the tub soothed her butthole opening for the intrusion. It was much longer than his thumb and a little less hard. This helped it bend and twist in her bowels until it was deep inside her, forcing water into her as it went. She tried to lean forward again but stopped when the showerhead started to stretch her cunt once more. Too late she realized she was trapped between two objects inside two of her holes. She could not move without forcing one of them deeper inside her and that was exactly what Liam wanted.

Over the next several minutes, Liam rocked poor Hannah back and forth in his lap, shamelessly fucking his former patient’s cunt with the showerhead and her asshole with his cock. Her eyes remained permanently crossed and there were streaks of drool running out of both corners of her mouth.

Finally, desperate to expel the water being forced up her bowels with each thrust of Liam’s cock, Hannah powered through the stretching of her cunt to lean all the way forward until she was on her hands and kneels in the tub. Liam’s cock slid out of her asshole with a pop and was followed by a steady stream of water. Her relief was short lived though as Liam quickly plugged her asshole with his cock again, gripping her waist so she could not move away.

She let out a shrill laugh as she failed to hide how much being manhandled excited her. He was doing just what she imagined, using her hips as handles as he fucked her from behind. She really felt like she belonged to him. She almost did not care that it was her asshole he was fucking and not her cunt. Looking down she saw the hose that had been protruding from inside her for over an hour now. She really wanted it out. She grabbed it and pulled, stretching her cunt as the wide head slid back down. It was not as stimulating as when Liam did it though so she was able to endure it.

As soon as it was out, she collapsed in the water. She felt Liam still shoving into her butt and still gripping her waist. She closed her eyes and let herself become lost in the numbing feeling of his hips slapping against her wet ass. She did not even care that she could not breathe.

Luckily, Liam was paying attention and he managed to pull her head back up above the water, albeit by her hair. She relaxed her neck so her whole head tilted back and she was able to see him above her. She liked that she could tell just from his panting and the movement of his body that he was still fucking her, though she could hardly forget anyway for the sensation of her bowels being spread by his rock hard shaft.

Though one of her eyes was twitching from the pain in her roots, she smiled at him to let him know she did not mind him holding her hair this way. He still moved his hands to her face though and pushed his fingers into her mouth like fish hooks so he could hold her up without tugging on her hair. When he laughed at her she frowned at him, prompting him to explain what he found funny. “You look like a slutty mermaid that is trying to handle two hooks at once.”

She blushed at being called a mermaid. It made sense since they were fucking in water but she still felt flattered. She clenched her abdomen and in turn her anus without thinking. His next thrust hurt a lot because of her clenching but it also sent him over the edge. “Oh wow,” she gasped as she felt warm goo filling her bowels, replacing the sensation of cold water she had been fighting for a while.

Letting go of her mouth, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his lap as he sat down again, still cumming inside her. Missing the feeling in her mouth, she pushed her own fingers inside and prodded her uvula to the point she started retching. She had nothing in her stomach to expel though so it subsided without incident.

Struck by an idea, Hannah spun around in Liam’s lap. Still sensitive from cumming, Liam nearly passed out when his cock was nearly twisted by her tight anus clamping down on it. When Hannah and he came face to face, she pulled on her own cheeks with her fingers like fish hooks again and spoke in a slurred way. “Please fuck my throat!” she requested proudly, shocking him. Unable to think of how to respond, he simply patted her head.

She took his hand and moved it to her mouth. She guided two of his fingers down her throat until they touched her uvula. When she retched, her whole throat closed around them, coating them with saliva and warm flesh. “You’re always poking and pinching me with your fingers but when you actually fuck me all you can do is thrust. You can’t move your cock the way you move your fingers. I can’t move my pussy that way either but I can move my mouth. If you put your penis in my mouth, I can properly move the way you move your fingers.”

“Why do you want to do that?” Liam was confused.

“I want to do more than just wait as you push in me. I want to move around you and make you feel good too,” she explained. As she spoke her throat continued to close around his fingers which only strengthened her point. Liam stared at her for a long time as if contemplating and then suddenly grabbed some body wash from a rack on the shower wall. Hannah giggled as he lifted her off his lap so he could wash his cock. He was not going to put it right into her mouth from her asshole without cleaning it.

When she realized what he was doing, Hannah blushed. She felt like she had been acting a little too slutty. “On second thought, I'm tired. I’ll get out first.” She stood up and began to soap herself before rinsing off and leaving him to finish bathing alone.

When he finished, he found her lying on the couch in his office like she normally did for their sessions. She found it familiar and relaxing. He sat down on his recliner and leaned forward with a serious expression on his face. She eventually opened her eyes and acknowledged his presence. “What’s wrong?”

“We probably won’t ever see each other again,” he admitted.

“Because I didn’t want to be your patient anymore?” she asked. He nodded silently. “I'm sorry; I just don’t understand what therapy is doing for me.”

“I have been really lenient with you, waiting for you to open up to me. However, I don’t think that has worked in your favor. You have a poor perception of therapy and I haven’t done enough to change your mind. Obviously you would not find our sessions useful if I just sat and waited. I should’ve pushed a little harder.”

“Are you trying to push harder now?” she asked.

“Somewhat,” he admitted. “I don’t think there is any pretense between us anymore. When you finally feel like going home, we will not meet again… unless.”

“Unless you can convince me that therapy is actually useful in the next hour,” she confirmed. He nodded again. “Fine,” she sighed while laying back and closing her eyes again. “I’ll do whatever you say for the next hour but after that you have to admit that therapy is not going to help me and sign the document saying I am perfectly stable.”

“Do you really believe you are stable?” he asked.

“It’ll put my mom’s mind at ease if she thinks I am,” she explained.


Over the next hour, Liam tried to have a normal session with Hannah but it was extremely difficult. Rather than refusing to engage like she normally did, she kept reminding him that his authority over her was compromised after he proved he was more interested in her body than her mentality. She kept calling him a fraud using his practice to prey on his patients. She was mostly joking but it still interfered with the session.

Another thing that kept them from making progress was his concentration. She had chosen to put back on his dress shirt but nothing else. When she first arrived he had wondered if she was wearing panties under her pajama shirt and this time he knew she was not. She was lying down after all and whenever she moved her legs he could see everything for a brief moment. He would go silent and stare, trying to get a better view and she would smirk at him or call him a pervert.

Eventually he sat down on the couch and just talked to her face to face while poking and prodding her body. By the time an hour was up, she was sweating and panting and completely unable to pay attention to his questions about her mental state. Finally he just gave up pretending he was interested at all and slid his hand under her shirt to touch her crotch.

She gasped when she felt his fingers fiddling with her clit. She bit her lip and glared up at him as her head was resting in his lap. He ignored her annoyance and pressed on, leaning down to kiss her pouting lips which made her giggle, if only for a moment. He patted her head while lifting her lower half by hooking her fingers inside her cunt and tugging upward.

She was once again turned on by how he handled her with slight disregard. It was exciting to be the non-dominant one in a relationship. All she had to do was lay there naked and pretty and he would go out of his way to touch her and penetrate her. At school, boys who pursued girls were called desperate, or perverted. Hannah now realized that they had to be because no girl was just going to come rub herself on a guy, he had to snap her bra or pinch butt first.

Hannah was not exactly upset with the way boys and girls dealt with each other. She felt it was more exciting to be the one getting handled, but she still wanted to be a little pushy in return. Liam deserved it after how he had been pushing her all day.

Liam was surprised when Hannah turned her head in his lap and bit the zipper of his pants. She pulled it down with her teeth before using her hands at all. When she blew on his crotch with warm moist breath, he grabbed her hair and pulled her away. “Are you shy, or just overprotective?” she giggled while straining against his grip to bring her head back. He slowly let her and watched as she pulled his cock out and brought the tip to her tongue.

She licked the head a few times before puckering her lips and kissing it. He shook as he felt her sucking on it a little, as if trying to give his sensitive tip a hickey. He gripped her hair a little tighter but refrained from pulling her back. Sensing she was not gonna get far with teasing him, Hannah sped up and put her mouth around the head. She intentionally lined her tongue up so when she pushed down she was licking the shaft the whole way.

Liam leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Her mouth was wetter than her cunt and a little less warm. It was not as tight as her anus but her lips rubbed against his shaft the same way. He recalled a girl at his college that wore bright blue lipstick. Several guys on campus used to joke that she left a blue ring around the base of their cocks. Running his fingers through Hannah’s hair, Liam began to contemplate buying her some lipstick.

Hannah had almost reached the base of Liam’s cock when she began to struggle. With her current position, she could not gain the leverage she needed to go any further. She was still trying though, raising her butt a little and then dropping it when she leaned forward into his crotch. Liam helped her out by applying pressure to the back of her head. He increased it slowly until he felt the head of his cock pop into the back of her throat. She nearly gagged but managed to contain herself.

Liam had forgotten to keep fingering her cunt, lost in his own pleasure. He only noticed again when he felt her gyrating her waist in an attempt to distract herself from the discomfort in her throat. He tugged on her cunt a few times before deciding to try helping them both in a certain way. Hannah squealed as she felt her whole lower half being lifted by her cunt, leaving her mouth as the only point of contact with the couch, more specifically Liam’s crotch.

He positioned her legs on either side of his head with her cunt right in front of his mouth where she could feel him breathing on it. Her mouth was thoroughly wrapped around the base of his cock but having her whole weight pushing down, his cock felt like it was still slowly sliding further inside her. She was unable to pull her head back and forth on his cock anymore and had to resort to wrapping her tongue around it to stimulate him.

He responded by pushing his tongue into her cunt and making her squeal. The two of them each tried to stimulate the other more but Hannah was at a disadvantage. Eventually she stopped licking and just basked in the feeling of his tongue prodding her opening. Feeling unfulfilled, Liam wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up, sliding his cock out of her throat for a moment before dropping her back down. His cock popped into her throat even deeper, causing her whole body to shake. She even began to squirt as she lost control of her lower half.

Liam held her upright and kept his tongue pressed to her clit and into her cunt the entire time. Only when she had stopped shaking did he let her fall off of his lap. She gingerly stood up while coughing and rubbing her throat from the outside. Liam thought she was going to go to the bathroom to get some water but inside she turned to face him and sat right down on his lap. With his cock still slimy with mucus and saliva and her cunt still wet, it slid inside without any resistance.

Liam finally got a good look at her face and the aftermath of deepthroating his cock. Her nostrils were slightly clogged with mucus so she was breathing through her mouth and panting. Her tongue had been pushed out of the way by his cock and it felt like it would not fit back in her mouth so she just left it hanging out. Her mouth was also stuck in an O shape for the same reason. Tear streaks lined her face and her eyes were slightly bloodshot from the lack of air.

Though she looked like a zombie panting in front of him, she continued to raise and lower her hips in a rhythm. Her cunt was sore from being stretched by his fingers and she was using his smooth cock to sooth it inside. Because of the slipperiness she was landing heavily in his lap breathing out deeply each time.

It was all too stimulating for Liam and he came really quickly. He grabbed Hannah’s head and pulled it close so he could kiss her, his tongue exploring her gapping mouth as he filled her insides with his cum.

No longer needing to raise and lower herself in his lap, Hannah lifted her legs off the floor and wrapped them behind Liam’s waist, pressing their crotches together as much as possible. She also leaned her chest against his, squishing her breasts between them.

The two of them sat on the couch with their bodies intertwined for a long time. They only began to untangle themselves when his cock finally stopped twitching inside of her. Hannah stood up first and spun around a few time before stopping facing Liam. She was much less shy this time as she lifted the hem of her shirt to show off her cunt and the cum dripping down her beautiful thighs. “Look what you did to your patient,” she teased him. “You haven’t seen a teenaged girl willingly thrusting her pussy at you since high school, have you.”

He responded by grabbing her thighs and pulling her close enough for him to use her as a brace to stand up. He then began to ruffle her hair. She closed her eyes and mewled like a purring cat. Smirking he began to rub her scalp more. She whimpered and lifted the hem of her shirt further to show off how her cunt was starting to shake. He pushed three fingers into her marvelous thigh gap and swirled them around inside her goo filled cunt until she began to squeal and squirt almost reluctantly. She fell to the floor panting while glaring up at him. She was tired and didn’t want to cum anymore but he still found it amusing to force her.

She raised her arms and wordlessly asked him to pick her up. He scooped her up the same way he had when she fell asleep under his desk, and carried her back from his office into the main house and the bedroom. He did not bother cleaning her up and just laid her down on the bed before crawling in next to her.

She was already falling asleep from exhaustion when he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. She did not mind at first but swatted his hands when he began to fiddle with her clit. She could keep him from messing with her for the moment but she knew as soon as they woke up again he would be pushing his fingers inside every one of her holes. She had made a choice and this was the consequence. They would never just be a doctor and patient again.


Hannah’s mother was not suspicious when she did not come home that night. When Doctor Brown called her the following morning and made up an excuse that he had to wait for his scheduled patients to leave before he could see Hannah and then it was late when they finished their session so she ate with him and stayed the night, she seemed none the wiser. She could not have known that while he made that very call from his office phone, her lovely daughter was kneeling under his desk with her mouth quite full.

She even told him he could keep her daughter longer if it would help her treatment. He refused stating that therapy needed several sessions over time. Finally she agreed to come pick up her daughter as long as he agreed she was back on his roster as a patient.

When Mrs. Dirks arrived to pick up Hannah, she had to wait a full ten minutes after ringing the doorbell for anyone to answer. Doctor Brown opened it to greet her with a sheepish grin on his face and his glasses slightly askew. Hannah was sitting on the patient’s couch with her legs crossed. She was wearing the yachting shorts and dress shirt she had barrowed from Doctor Brown and holding her pajama shirt in her lap.

“How was your first night out of the house since the incident?” her mother asked.

Hannah smirked at Doctor Brown before answering. “Stimulating,” she responded coyly.

“That’s an improvement from crying and screaming that therapy is worthless,” her mom was pleased. “Are you sure you don’t want to stay another day?”

“Ma’am, part of her healing process is getting back to her normal routine at home,” Doctor Brown explained.

“I guess you’re right. It was just so peaceful without her lying around the house for once. When can we get her back on the schedule for sessions?”

Doctor Brown looked at Hannah for confirmation before answering. She just smiled encouragingly. “As soon as possible,” he answered with a beaming grin.

“Wonderful,” Mrs. Dirks was pleased. “Come along, Hannah. Let’s get out of the doctor’s hair before he changes his mind.”

Hannah stood up and trotted across the office. Her mother had already turned to leave before she reached the doorway. Making sure she was not looking, Hannah pecked Doctor Brown on the cheek as she passed by. He watched her leaving with a pleased expression but was shocked when she stopped to lean against the doorjamb and pull down her shorts just enough to show off that she was not wearing her panties. He glanced back at the couch and saw them where she had been sitting. He could not help but grin as he watched her hopping out the door pulling up her shorts.

The moment Mrs. Dirks car pulled out of his driveway, he grabbed his own keys and headed for the garage. He could not wait until their next session but he had some shopping to do first. Apart from keeping some girl’s clothes on hand, he also wanted to buy some special toys.

Hannah had indulged every one his whims yesterday and that morning, even going so far as to let him take several photos of her with little to no clothes on. During their next session he already planned to see if she could focus with something vibrating inside of her cunt the entire time. He did not know if she had a limit to what she would do for him but he was going to find out.