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"Hey Danny, wait!"
Danny turned as his best friend, Kayla Sanders, came down the steps of Gordon's front porch, pulling her winter coat over her t-shirt. Her pale skin and red cheeks made her look amazing on such a cold December night.
"Can you give me a ride home?"
"Sure thing." Danny got out his keys and hit the button to unlock his Jeep. He opened the passenger side door for her before going around to the other side and climbing in. Once they were both settled, and started the ignition.

They didn't say much to one another for a mile or two, but it was Kayla that broke the silence as they hit the usual deserted road between Bloomingburg and Westbrook.
"Could you pull over for a sec?"
Danny looked at her with curiosity before granting her request and pulling over into the grassy pasture that ran on for miles ahead. He looked onward for a moment before his eye sight was drawn to the fact that Kayla had taken both her coat and shirt off, her white bra showing off her amazing cleavage. He couldn't help but look until Kayla glanced at him and their eyes met.
"I gotta change before I get home," she explained. "I told my dad I was going to a cheerleading meeting."
He nodded and forced himself not to look at her chest anymore, just then feeling his embarassment at having been caught looking fading. The truth was, everytime he clothes had shown any cleavage, he always snuck a ten or fifteen second look when the coast was clear. She had amazing breasts, easily a D cup.
"Looks like your getting an extra leg there." Kayla giggled after she said this. It took Danny a minute to think about what she had said before noticing the seven-inch growth wedged between the fabric of his jeans and his right leg, clearly visible in the moonlight. He quickly put his hand over it.
"Just hurry up so we can get going."
"Don't be embarassed." Kayla's hand grabbed his and moved it aside. "You saw something that sparked it's interest and it wanted a better look." She giggled again. He put his hand back on the steering wheel, cursing his hormones and refusing to look at her. She hadn't put anything on since the last time he had looked at her. He sighed slightly-
-and felt a sudden rush of adrenaline as her soft hand gripped both his right leg and his prick.
He looked at her for a moment, right into her eyes. They were beautiful eyes, both glowing brown in the night, a few strands of her black hair falling across her face. Before he knew it he had all but tackled her to the passenger side of the Jeep, his hands finding her breasts as they passionately kissed.
When their lips seperated, Kayla didn't stop to catch her breath before sending her hands to his belt, fumbling with it before finally getting it lose. He gasped when her hand traveled into his pants and wrapped around his throbbling manhood, pulling it out. She brought her other hand around to undo her bra, letting it fall off her shoulders, her amaxing tits splling out into the open.
Danny brought his mouth to her right nipple, sucking hard and using the other hand to roughly massage her left breast. She moaned, her right hand still strongly gripped around his shaft. She started slowly pumping her hand up and down, feeling it grow another inch in her hand.
https://quitinput26.bloggersdelight.dk/2021/12/07/confession/ He kept sucking her her nipple, removing his hand from her left tit and plunging it into Kayla's jeans. He heard her gasp as his middle finger found its way into her pussy, thrusting in and out twice before adding another finger to the fun.
"Oh god, Danny..."
He kept this up for a few minutes before Kayla stopped him and grabbed his shoulder firmly. She then started pumping her hand up and down his shaft as fast as she could. https://zenwriting.net/soilmimosa05/the-academy_-5 Surprised, it took Danny a moment to recover before working her jeans down her legs. It proved a difficult task when trying to avoid interupting her actions.She worked his pants down as well, and he positioned himself right over her pussy.
"Is this your first time?"
"It doesn't matter," Kayla said. "I want you to be as rough as you would normally be."
He examined her for a moment before silently agreeing to her request. It would be hard to not think of her as a virgin, though.
He started pushing inside slowly before plunging in, feeling her hymen break as he did so. He wanted to make sure she was alright, but he started thrusting in and out as hard as he could instead, pushing her harder and harder into the interior of the Jeep.
"Oh god, yes. Faster, harder!"
Kayla was moaning loudly, practically screaming as he showed no mercy in his thrusts. He hadn't even noticed that she was roughly squeezing his shoulders until he felt her nails start digging into his skin.
He sped up his thrusts just a little more as she started to meet his movements halfway with her own. She was moaning louder than anyone he had ever been with. Her legs suddenly wrapped around his waist, pulling him into her as she let out a very soft moan, which was actually quite eerie after all of her screaming. He roughly pounded her snatch with what little he could move as her juices flowed out, all over his prick and onto the seat of his jeep.
Kayla wasted no time letting him pull out. She pushed him back and told him to start driving. He did as she said, pulling her pants up to his waist and feeling betrayed, as he hadn't come at all. Then he saw her move suddenly out of the corner of his eye before he felt her mouth envelop his cock. Her tongue started moving all over, and then she started bobbing her head up and down while sucking lightly. He felt like he had died and gone to heaven.
It was all he could do to stay on the road as they entered Westbrook City, the bright lights giving everyone at a sudden red light a decent view at what was going on in the Jeep. The light had just hit red, so he leaned his head back and closed his eyes.
"Kayla, I'm gonna come!"
The brunette took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could a locked her lips around his shaft. Danny groaned loudly as he came, shooting his load into her mouth for a good thirty seconds.
She removed her mouth from him, her tongue exploring every inch of his shaft as she came up. She looked at him for a moment before they were both jerked to awareness by the sound of a horn. The light was green and the vehicle behind them was seemingly in a hurry.
Danny started driving as Kayla started putting her bra back on. Danny could see every passing driver squinting into the vehicle for a closer look. He was still panting slightly.
When they reached Kayla's house, she was dressed in her cheerleading outfit with her hair back in a pony tail. He stopped the car, examining her for a moment.
"If I'd known it was going to be better than my dreams, you'd have gotten off in my prescense a long time ago," Kayla said with a seductive smirk.
Danny was lost for words. His dream had just come true, and apparently so had hers.
"I expect you to pick me up tomorrow night to see a movie. You'll find dating me to be a challenging - yet very rewarding - experiencce."
She got out and closed the door behind her. He watched her go into her house, and then sat there for a few more minutes, amazed at what had just happened.