Diamond Premium Care Service – Protect Your Car and Its Occupants Today!

Eliminate Odors and Kill Bacteria, including Covid-19

Mitsubishi Motors, in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, created a product called Diamond Premium Care (DPC).™ This service is an EPA approved disinfectant and deodorizer that kills 99.9% of COVID-19 virus and bacteria in your car, including hidden sources of odor.  In Redding, Chico, Sacramento and Reno, West Mitsubishi is the authorized dealership for those who would like a little more peace of mind.  

In addition to protecting from Covid-19, this service assists in car odor removal.  This isn’t your mother’s white vinegar treatment, nor does it involve steam cleaning anything.  Even smoke smell can be eliminated by simply booking the Diamond Premium Car Service at West Mitsubishi in Orland.  This service disinfects and deodorizes your car’s surfaces as well as the HVAC system.  

Some carpet cleaner solutions merely hide odor temporarily.  This removes…

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Global Expedition Vehicles: New F-750 Version of Infamous “Adventure Truck” Announced

We love expedition trucks! And when it comes to such trucks, Global Expedition Vehicles (GXV) is one of the best in the business at building them!

GXV builds their vehicles on the chassis of several different manufacturers. Their Adventure Trucks have been built on either the Ford F550 or the RAM version of the same.

GXV recently announced an F-750 version, however, and we can't wait to find out more! So far, not much information is available. That should change soon. Keep checking back on their main website, or follow them on social media.

Global Expedition Vehicles on Social Media:

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Pre-Owned Vehicle Review: 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport

NOTE: The author is a single male in his mid-40s, and daydreams about living full time in a Prevost Coach, with a tow vehicle pulled behind. That leads to this article about a vehicle many refer to as the perfect tow vehicle.  Here is my Jeep Wrangler Review, followed further down the page with instructions on how to properly flat-tow a Jeep Wrangler. I’ve also provided a PDF version of the 2017 Jeep Wrangler Owner’s Manual at the end of this article.

Don C. 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport, provided for this review by West Mitsubishi

Jeep Wranglers appeal to me.  From everything I’ve read, the Wrangler is the best off-road mass produced vehicle available to consumers.  Some might argue that the Ford Raptor is just as capable but, as I have yet to test drive a Raptor, I can’t address that assertion.

As often as I’ve envisioned travelling the highways in a non-slide Prevost Coach, I’ve envisioned a four wheel drive being towed behind.  The J…

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Looking for a car dealership in California?

If you live in Chico, Redding, Oroville, or literally anywhere else, and are looking for a reliable car dealership, look no farther than Corning Ford. With the help of our friendly, honest salesmen, you’ll be out the door and driving your new car home in a jiffy.

Whatever you need, we have it. A Ford? Well, yeah, got that. A work truck? Loads of them. A used car? Yes, from hondas to Cadillacs, we’ve got it. Couldn’t find what you’re looking for at Crown Motors or Wittmeier? Come check out our inventory, we may just have what you are looking for. If we don’t, we have something better.

What we offer: 

Car Sales: new, used, and commercial. Whether you want a minivan for the fam, a sports car, a beautiful Raptor, or a new van for your plumbing business, you’ll find it here.

Parts: One thing you'll never hear from the parts and service staff at Corning Ford is a plea, attempting to dissuade you from doing a Ford car s…

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Free Classifieds for the 530 Area Code

Whether you're a business or a private party, we welcome you to post your classified ads here, for free. With each ad, you post up to 10 photos of up to 10MB in filesize.

This website exists because other sites in this same genre have some annoying issues. For example, have you ever posted taken the time to create a decent Craigslist ad, only to have some other user flag it off the site? That's not going to happen here.

Cities and Towns in the 530 Area Code

The following 239 cities and towns are located in the 530 Area Code, and we welcome free classified ad postings from all of them:

Adin Alleghany Alta Alturas Anderson Applegate Arbuckle Artois Auburn Bangor Beale Afb Beckwourth Belden Bella Vista Berry Creek Bieber Big Bar Big Bend Biggs Blairsden-Graeagle Brooks Browns Valley Brownsville Burney Burnt Ranch Butte City Callahan Calpine Camino Camptonville Canby Canyon Dam Capay Carnelian Bay Cassel Castella Cedar Ridge Cedarville Challen…
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