Diamond Premium Care Service – Protect Your Car and Its Occupants Today!

Eliminate Odors and Kill Bacteria, including Covid-19

Mitsubishi Motors, in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, created a product called Diamond Premium Care (DPC).™ This service is an EPA approved disinfectant and deodorizer that kills 99.9% of COVID-19 virus and bacteria in your car, including hidden sources of odor.  In Redding, Chico, Sacramento and Reno, West Mitsubishi is the authorized dealership for those who would like a little more peace of mind.  

In addition to protecting from Covid-19, this service assists in car odor removal.  This isn’t your mother’s white vinegar treatment, nor does it involve steam cleaning anything.  Even smoke smell can be eliminated by simply booking the Diamond Premium Car Service at West Mitsubishi in Orland.  This service disinfects and deodorizes your car’s surfaces as well as the HVAC system.  

Some carpet cleaner solutions merely hide odor temporarily.  This removes it.  So if you’re concerned that your car smells like cigarette smoke , if you’re tired of purchasing a new car air freshener every few weeks, if opening a box of baking soda isn’t your style, and if you just want to leave your car smelling fresh, schedule an appointment with the West Mitsubishi service department today.  While this eliminates odors from carpet and even floor mats, peace of mind comes from knowing 99.9% of bacteria is killed as well, without having to resort to a spray bottle or ineffective vehicle disinfectants.  

Diamond Premium Care Service is just a click away!  Bad smell?  Be gone!  Book your service today by clicking here.

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