Looking for a car dealership in California?

If you live in Chico, Redding, Oroville, or literally anywhere else, and are looking for a reliable car dealership, look no farther than Corning Ford. With the help of our friendly, honest salesmen, you’ll be out the door and driving your new car home in a jiffy.

Whatever you need, we have it. A Ford? Well, yeah, got that. A work truck? Loads of them. A used car? Yes, from hondas to Cadillacs, we’ve got it. Couldn’t find what you’re looking for at Crown Motors or Wittmeier? Come check out our inventory, we may just have what you are looking for. If we don’t, we have something better.

What we offer: 

Car Sales: new, used, and commercial. Whether you want a minivan for the fam, a sports car, a beautiful Raptor, or a new van for your plumbing business, you’ll find it here.

Parts: One thing you'll never hear from the parts and service staff at Corning Ford is a plea, attempting to dissuade you from doing a Ford car s…

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