Brand New Mitsubishi PHEV GT Hybrids


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Street624 6th Street
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West Mitsubishi has brand new PHEVs in stock for less than $39,000. See what we have here (copy and paste into your browser):

This vehicle gets the equivalent of more than 74 miles per gallon. There are all sorts of incentives available to buy a hybrid, and this is one of the best and most economical hybrids on the market!

Check out this real-world test and review (copy and paste into your browser):

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The PHEV System

According to Mitsubishi, the 2019 Outlander PHEV automatically switches drive modes to optimize performance, achieving an impressive 74 miles per gallon E-efficiency rating. It runs mainly on all electric power and uses gasoline only when you need it. We’ll be going more in depth in a fuel economy in the next section.

In EV Mode, the vehicle is powered by the two electric motors, and energy is supplied exclusively by the lithium-ion battery pack. Select this mode for 100% electric-powered, zero-emission driving.

In Series Hybrid Mode, the gasoline-powered generator helps charge the lithium-ion battery pack and provide power to the twin electric motors. The system uses this mode when battery charge levels are low, or sudden acceleration is needed

In Parallel hybrid mode, If additional power is required–like when driving uphill–a built-in clutch located in the front axle switches into Parallel Drive Mode. In this mode, the 2.0-liter gas engine drives the front wheels and feeds any excess electricity back into the lithium-ion battery pack.